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Friday, June 7, 2024

First Semester (Final)

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“Chanellor, deans, professors, faculty, and students, I come to speak to you today about the recent tragedy on campus,” Josh was nervous as he spoke, “The unfortunate death of Eunice Wen has shook the campus. It happened while she was still in my body on the day after my final Swap Class presentation; two days before we were scheduled to return to our own bodies. And so now I am stuck in her body, but that’s not what I’m here to address today.

”The danger I am here to talk about is Swap Class itself. Eunice didn’t give me much instruction about how to be her, but she did teach us all that for the duration of class, we should be embracing who we appeared to be. And let me ask you? Was not Eunice Wen doing that in my body when she got drunk at a party and fell off a roof? I held up an unpleasant mirror up to her life, and she responded by acting like the irresponsible male college freshman she appeared to be. So I am asking you to cancel Swap Class. And I’m not for the fact that I am now stuck in the body of a middle aged woman -- you’ll see a fairly big lawsuit about that. No, I’m asking foe the life of a woman who would still be with us if not for the foolishness of placing us all in the wrong bodies for a few months. End Swap Class. End it now! Thank you.”

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