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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

First Semester (Part 6)

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“Loneliness, isolation, depression...” Josh spoke in front of the class, stating the themes of his presenation as his introduction. He knew he had a unique experience to tell. The semester had been miserable, and despite showing up to classes everyday, he still felt like an outside and detached from campus life. In the community, he was an older woman, who often had trouble connecting and making friends. He discussed the sudden wane of sexual desire as soon as he found himself in an older body.

And perhaps there was something about being in Ms. Wen’s body, which had years of practice delivering lectures in front of classes, Josh felt so at ease as he as he said every word. He knew it the presentation would be like other student’s in class, because he was in a situation like no other student in class. A few kids even clapped at the end. But the best part was when it was over. Sure, he was still stuck in Ms. Wen’s body for a few more days, but it really felt like Swap Class was truly done.

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