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Friday, May 10, 2024

Work at the Museum (Part 2)

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The orb continued to glow and swap bodies well into the night, never returning anyone to their original body. And then it finally dimmed and stopped. Everyone was in the body they were in during the first swap -- which the exception of Suki, who had run off with Kelly’s body; and Kelly, who was now in Vic’s body -- and that meant Vic was back inside Suki’s body.

He told the students to take the next few days off, but for Vic, there would be no rest. He got to work immediately to look for more information about the orb and perhaps the other artifacts that where discovered at the same time. The records did show a second orb had been found at the same time. Perhaps it had the answers; perhaps it was a way to get back ro normal.

Of course, that orb was at another museum halfway around the world. The staff over there were known for being prickly, but it was also right now his only lede. He’ll tell the students when they returned. It wasn’t much hope, but it was hope nonetheless.

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