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Friday, May 31, 2024


PortalTech had just been introduced into the market earlier in the year, and stations were popping up everywhere. If you bought one for your home as well, you could simply program where you wanted to go, step inside, and you’d be there in an instant.

Ashley and Trent had bought one for their home. They thought they’d try it out with a quick trip to the mall. So they set the destination, grabbed each other’s hand, and stepped inside. A moment later, they were at the mall...but inside of each other’s bodies!

Ashley, now inside Trent’s body, pressed the help screen next to the mall portal. A woman appeared on the screen. She was an AI assistant, but she certainly looked real.

“The portal swapped our bodies!” Ashley explained.

“Users are required to step through the portal one at a time. Violation of proper use terms voids warrenties; rendering PortalTech harmless,” The AI assistant said.

“But how do we swap back to normal! Do we walk through together again?”

“PortalTech cannot advise violating terms of use.”

“So how do we get back to normal? How do we fix this?”

“PortalTech detects no anomalies. If you would like additional assistance, please provide an email, and PortalTech will respond within six to eight weeks.”

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