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Friday, May 24, 2024

The Clothes

“You can’t go out wearing that!” Jay protested when he arrived at Mira’s apartment.

“Why not? It’s totally cute!” Mira exclaimed.

“No, it would be totally cute...if you still had this body.” Jay gestured down at himself. “But I don’t think you’ve exactly forgotten that we swapped bodies. And dressing like that in body is going to get it beat up.”

“Well, did you even look in the mirror before you walked out the door in my body looking like THAT? My body has a reputation to maintain as well, you know?”

“I guess. I’m sorry. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think there were many people out. No one really noticed me.”

“And that’s the problem! My body needs to be noticed!”

“So, do we need to...uh...switch clothes?” Jay didn’t exactly want to wear what Mira was wearing, but she didn’t want her to wear it either.

“Oh, no!”

Jay breathed a sigh of relief.

But Mira continued, “I have something much, much cuter and girlie that you should wear!”

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