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Sunday, May 12, 2024

Worst Case Scenario

It had been two days since the accident had swapped Hector’s brain with Claire’s, and he had been looking for a way to swap them back ever since. As he combed over data, he noticed a worrying trend.

“Oh, shit, Claire. This isn’t good.” He said.

“What is it?” Claire asked looking up from her phone.

“I scanned our brains when we first swapped, and I’ve been doing regaular scans on myself ever since. Each time, it’s getting further and further away from my scan, and closer and closer to yours.”


“Well, for starters, if we don’t swap back soon, I’m not sure it will even matter. Eventually my brain waves will become your brain waves. I’ll have all your original memories and your skills; I will think of myself as Claire. And the reverse will be true. You’ll think of yourself as Hector. We may even reach a point of return very soon -- I might simply lose my abilities to research all of this.”

“So, then, doesn’t the problem just sort of fix itself?”

“I’m not sure. There could still be some sort of floor or core to what we retain. We might go crazy from feeling different on the inside from how we express ourselves or remember ourselves on the outside. That’s worst case scenario, but I can’t eliminate that possibility.”

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  1. Everything happens for a reason, including that "accident"!