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Sunday, May 26, 2024

First and Foremost

“Is it done?” Vorn asked.

“Aye,” The sorcerer replied, “I have captured all your male energies here. I will bind them to your gold as part of your payment. Though I must say, given the treatment of lasses in these realms, I found your request unusual. When word gets out about my magic, few request a transformation from male to female.”

“You know very little of drow culture, I presume. In the underdark, menfolk are second class citizens. We are often treated as property...or worse. At least property is seen as having value. I don’t suppose you would understand.”

The sorcerer paused, “I might understand more than you might know.”

“You used to be a female elf, didn’t you? You discovered this magic so you could help yourself first and foremost?”

The sorcerer paused again, “Aye.”

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