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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Find Yourself

Arthur had bought a ticket online to the local art museum and was a little surprised to find the place swarming with reporters and celebrities. Apparently, it was the opening day for some new exhibit called “Find Yourself,” where an artist had installed some sort of strange maze throughout the museum.

With his ticket in hand, he had a scheduled entrance time and walked past much of the line. The staff gathered him in a small group, and he felt a little out of place. People were dressed up, he was sure he spotted a few actors he knew in his group. And just as they were about to be escorted inside the maze entrance, there was a flash. Suddenly Arthur found himself entering from a different location, and his group had changed. He looked down to see a green dress. There must have been some sort of tech that caused the groups of people to swap bodies. “Find Yourself” soon seemed less like the title of the exhibit but more like instructions.

Arthur began to wander about the maze, looking for his own body. He hoped once he found it, he would swap back to normal. He moved slowly, having difficulty walking with the heels on his feet. He began to wonder whose body he was in. He didn’t think he was skinny enough to be a model. There were no mirrors in the maze to check out his face. And even if he could see it, there was no guarantee he would recognize it. And as more time passed, he focused much more on who he was now as opposed to the location of his original body, and he began to rethink the meaning of “Find Yourself” yet again.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this concept, I'd love to see more with it. As well as perhaps a bit more as to just how it works.