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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Until Then

Dylan rushed into the room when he saw Brittany in the chair hooked up into the weird machine. He hasn’t sure how any of this stuff worked, but he had his mind set on being her hero. After all, he still felt bad about the argument he had with her when they decided to split up to explore this strange so-called “haunted” mansion.

He put his hand on the controls on the panel in hopes of turning the thing off. “I’m gonna get you out of there, Brit,” He said, “Just hang tight.”

“I think it’s safe, but I’m not Brittany,” The woman in the chair said, “I’m Neil! These chairs...they can swap brains!”

“Neil? Like my dorky friend Neil? Inside of THAT body?” Dylan wanted to throw up at this thought, “Does that mean Brittany is inside of your body?” Dylan REALLY wanted to throw up at that thought.

“I don’t know! It seems probable. But there could be numerous chairs. She could be anyone, technically.”

“Well, you’re a dork. Can’t you like operate this thing and swap people back to normal?”

“I’m smart, but I’m not a mind reader! I didn’t see the guy operating the controls that swapped up. And there’s no guarantee that everyone is even still sitting down to be swapped. We need to find the crazy guy that did this!”

“And until then?”

“Until then, your dorky friend is going to be inside the body of your girlfriend.”

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