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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Bad Trip

“Whoa...everyone...I think...I think the shrooms kicked in,” Drake said as he looked around the room, “I saw this like weird flash of light, and now it’s’s like I’m looking at myself. And it feels feels like I’m Casey! This is so trippy, everyone...”

“ are Casey,” Jack interjected, “But...whoa...I guess I’m in the wrong body, too! I feel like I’m totally Amy, guys!”

“No wait. No wait.No wait!” Theo added, “I’m just drunk. I shouldn’t be hallucinating at all. But I’m definitely in Ling’s shrimp body. I think...I think we really swapped bodies. And...whoa! The shrooms kicked in, because all of the colors are swirling, and I didn’t take any! But Ling...Ling definitely did!”

“Whoa are you calling a shrimp?” Ling protested now that she stood behind herself in Theo’s body, “And someone get me some shrooms, because I am in Theo’s body, and he’s right. He didn’t have any yet, and I totally want to get stoned.”

“No,” Casey added, “If we all swapped bodies, someone needs to not be whacked out on shrooms. Like a safety or something or whatnot. Because...this is turning into a bad trip for me! I don’t want to be Casey! I want to be me!”

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