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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


“Thanks for covering for me.” Andrea said to her brother Jin, “With Mom on her businesstrip, there was no way she’d be able to take a meeting with the principal. Besides, we know she’s totally freak out if she found out I got in trouble at school.”

Jin sighed, “You’re lucky I go to college close by enough to do this. And you’re lucky you’re smart enough to create an invention that can turn me into a copy of Mom. But, you know, just because you are smart doesn’t mean you can pull those kind of stunts on those other girls that get you in trouble. I know they tease you, but you shouldn’t stoop to their level.”

“God, you’re starting to even SOUND like mom. I better turn you back to normal before you try to ground me.”

“Please! You have no idea the thoughts that have been leaking into my head while I’ve been like this!”

“Really?” Andrea paused, “I mean, that could be a fascinating thing to research from a --”

“Just GO! Get that device and turn me back into me! I have a class to get to!”

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