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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Class Is In (Part 1)

Troy clutched his football in his hands. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was terrified. It wasn’t just due to the fact that he had swapped bodies with Amanda, a woman in his class; it was the fact that Amanda was so small and diminutive. He felt like he was looking up at everyone and everything. He felt like the slightly breeze could blow him away.

“I have to tell Tiffany,” Troy told Amanda.

“Maybe we should keep it a secret while we look for a way back to normal?” Amanda suggested.

Truthfully, she was enjoying this. Sure, it was weird to be a guy, and she was sure that would put her in an awkward situation later on, but it was nice to be big and strong. For those reasons, she enjoyed being in Troy’s football player body. She thought the more people who knew, the more they’d be able to help. And if they helped they’d be forced to swap back. If she kept it between her and Troy, she could hinder any progress.

“No, she deserves to know,” Troy insisted, “She’ll believe us.”

“Okay, but just her. People will think we’re crazy.”

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