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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Change the Plan

“I still can’t believe you just popped into town to see me here in flyover country, Jen. I have so much on my mind,” Joanne said to what she thought was her trendy big sister.

But the woman sitting across from her in the pink leather jacket wasn’t actually Jenn. It was Joanne’s husband, Peter. He had been paranoid that she might be cheating on him, and so he used a magic spell to turn himself into a copy of someone she would share secrets with.

“Oooh,” Peter said doing his best to imitate Jen’s excited and dramatic tones, “Is there trouble in paradise between you and Peter? Do dish!”

“I dunno. I thought married life would be fun and cool. But it’s sort of boring and lame. Maybe it’s just where we are. If we lived with you in Los Angeles --”

“You’re not getting an invite.”

“-- Oh, uh, okay, I wasn’t asking. I was just trying to say things were boring. I don’t even know how to tell Peter I’m pregnant.”

Peter tried to stay calm at the news. He was going to be a dad! He couldn’t believe it! He tried to keep his composure, “Well, see! That’s exciting, right?”

“Oh, God, you don’tknow the half of it! ’m not even sure it’s actually is.”

It was what he wanted to hear; it was what he expected to hear. And yet when he heard it, he felt empty about it inside. He wasn’t even mad; he just wanted to give up. He looked down at his feminine hands. Maybe he could. He’d buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles, he’d cast the spell again -- but this time, he’d turn Jen into a copy of him. Then she would be stuck with Joanne and his life. He could live as Jen. It seemed like a plan; it seemed like a good plan; it seemed like the only plan...

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