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Monday, May 27, 2024

Goblin Princess (Part 4)

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As soon as the adventurer returned, Ryan once again felt himself look control to the pre-programmed actions of the Goblin Princess NPC. He became overjoyed upon seeing the ring and commanded the goblins begin making wedding preparations. But the adventurer seemed hesitant. Ryan was becoming furious. Was this man getting cold feet? Was he going to rejected again? Ryan began to connect with his goblin side, feeling irratic rage; he turned hostile and began to attack the adventurer. The other goblins did so as well.

The battle was bloody, but the goblins proved victorious with the adventurer’s party wiped out. Ryan’s head was still swirling with goblin rage and lust, but he felt like this should be the end of it. This should be the point where the game asks you to load a previous save or resets.

But, no, this was just the beginning. Tonight, they would celebrate, feasting on the flesh of their victims and drinking more spirits. But with the magic ring, Ryan now felt empowered. He didn’t have to stand around here waiting for another adventurer to come by. He could seek out his own destiny and carve his own path. Yet there were parts of his programming he couldn’t fight. Even as he vowed to leave the walls of the goblin castle and set out on his own quest, he knew exactly what the goal of that quest would be: Finding a husband so he could birth lots of quarter-goblin babies!

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