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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Tony had spent the last week in this strange asylum. He had been locked up after trying to explain how he a woman had swapped bodies with him. Each morning, a doctor would come to see him; Tony would usually react angrily because the doctor would simply try to explain that body swapping is pure fantasy, and that Tony needed to accept that he was really a woman and always had been.

Tony was particularly mad today.

“What kind of shitty doctor are you?” He yelled, “Let’s say I am lying! Let’s say I am a woman who is simply insisting she is a man! That would make me some sort of transsexual or something, right? Shouldn’t you accept that as my gender identity? You’ve filled my wardrobe with nothing but dresses; I’ve been wearing my old clothes for this entire time! Why are you pushing that shit on me? I’m beginning to doubt your a doctor! I’m beginning to doubt this place has any legitimacy!”

The doctor smiled and calmly walked away without saying anything until they reached the door. “Legitimate or not, you’re here now. Aren’t you? And if we are illegitimate, it would seem fighting us would be very unwise, as you wouldn’t be getting out of here until we get you to say and think in the exact ways we would want, don’t you think?”

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