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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Slaughterhouse One

Alice hugged the pig hard in her arms.

“You can’t send him off to the slaughter,” She begged her father, “Trust me, you really can’t!”

“What’s gotten into you, Alice?” Her father asked, “Ever since you got back from college, you’ve been acting weird. You know all the pigs have got to go today. They’ve already been bought.”

Of course, what Alice wasn’t mentioning was that she wasn’t Alice at all. She was Robert, Alice’s boyfriend, who she had met at college. They had taken some tech from the research lab that could supposedly swap two people’s brains. They were messing around with on the first day back in the barn when the pig entered. Robert ended up in Alice’s body; the pig was in Robert’s; Alice was now inside the pig. Nothing Robert did could seem to get the device working again.

Dealing with the pig in his body had been challening enough, but now Alice’s father was trying to send her to the slaughterhouse! Of course, he had no clue his daughter’s brain was inside the pig’s body, and Robert had no desire to confess the truth. But he did have to figure out some what to save Alice!

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