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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Greatest Magician of All Time

Eric considered himself one of the greatest magicians of all time. He didn’t dabbled in “tricks” or “illusions.” No, his magic was very real. And yet, he was stuck performing in back woods side shows. Maybe it was because he opted to perform amongst the crowd instead of on stage. He’d slip one magical piece by the Ferris Wheel and another inside the carnival tent. But they were all glorious sights to behold.

Hypnotizing the woman was easy. The real magic was when he got her to remove her old head and toss it in the straw. Bt the spectacle wasn’t nearly finished. He had his unwitting volunteer than remove his head and place it upon her body.

With his head atop it, he gained full control of the woman’s body. He own body collapsed lifelessly to the ground while the woman’s head starteed shouting from the ground now that she snapped out of her trance.

He took a bow to scattered applause from the people who barely even noticed, let alone realized the greatness of his magic. Then he retreated to his private tent.

He knew he couldn’t keep the body for more than the night, and he knew he couldn’t be on break for too long before returning outside to perform again. But this was certainly one of the better bodies he had gotten from this little magic act, and he very much wished he could keep it. He sighed as he quickly admired it in the mirror once more before heading right back out to try to outdo himself.

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