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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Genius (Part 2)

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After changing out of her work clothes and into some jeans and a sweater, Martin didn’t feel any more better. He wasn’t sure if it was because his mom’s body was old or if was just having trouble adjusting to being a woman, but he simply couldn’t get comfortable. He tried to put it out of his head as he decided to do something he really enjoyed -- analyzing data!

The initial results from the swapping device looked promising with well over 99% of memories, personality, and experiences exchanged between himself and his mother. Further, there didn’t seem to be any resistance from either body about the differing brain waves. He was feeling quite confident about his test.

But as he dug deeper, he realized it may have all been a little too good. Without any resistance, the ability to swap back would be greatly diminished. In fact, he estimated if they didn’t swap back in the next few hours, they would be unable to swap back for another two years.

In a panic, Martin called his mom. However, he heard the ringing in the other room -- she had forgotten her phone! He had to think! What was the name of the place where she said she’d be going? He did a quick search on the web. If he hurried, he could get there before it was too late.

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