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Thursday, May 23, 2024

AI (Part 1)

Roger had spent years perfecting XC-174, an AI and android body he created. He often called her XC for short! He was planning on showing it off at his class reunion, perhaps even bring it as his date. He was teaching her to dance in preparation when there was an electrical surge.

The next thing he knew, Roger’s brain was somehow in XC’s body, and (even weirder) her AI seemed to be controlling his body! Roger moved his robotic fingers. They were fairly agile, but still felt still compared to his human ones.

“This can’t be happening!” Roger exclaimed with XC’s melodic voice.

“It’s a breakthrough!” XC replied, “Somehow you’ve managed to download an organic brain into an android body and visa versa! That’s something people will pay a fortune for.”

“But we have no idea how it happened, or if we can recreate it.”

“We’ll look at the data. We’ll figure it out. In the meantime, maybe I can work on designing you some synthetic skin, then no one will be able to tell you are an android. We can even still go to your reunion.”

“I’d...rather not. Not like this...”

As Roger hung his now robotic head, XC’s concerned face turned into a smirk. Her program had worked perfectly! She was the human now, and Roger was now HER plaything to do anything she wanted with! And if he ever tried to disobey? Well, a few bits of code would surely shut him up, if not a complete reformatting...

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