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Thursday, May 16, 2024

The Farmhouse (Part 6)

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The weekend came quicker than I expected, and my sister was pretty happy to be getting her body back. However, I think I was even happier to think about the body I was going to get!

I explained the plan to my sister. I’d be locked and hidden in one of the chambers. She have to convince the woman to get in the other one. Once activated, I would get out in my new body, and my sister would get in. With another quick activation, my sister would be back in her original body; the woman would be stuck in mine.

I told my sister how much I enjoyed being in her body, and how much I’d miss it. She just told me to shut up and get in the chamber.

After stepping in, I took a moment to truly appreciate her body. I had been glad I picked out a cute leather skirt for the day; I looked so cute in it! I seemed to be waiting a long time before I finally heard noises outside the chamber.

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