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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Class Is In (Part 2)

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Troy and Amanda found Tiffany unexpectedly found Tiffany hanging out with Hannah, the class goth. There was something obviously strange about both of them with Tiffany scowling and Hannah having a dopey grin onher face. Troy knew he wasn’t the smartest guy in the world, but even he could guess what happened.

“Did you two...swap bodies?” He asked.

“OMG! Like, yes, Amanda! It’s weird, right? I’m totally in Hannah’s body!” Tiffany chirped with Hannah’s voice, which was honestly sort of weird.

“Actually, I’m Troy. Amanda and I swapped bodies too.”

Tiffany’s smile went away for a moment before quickly returning, “Well, thank goodness that Hannah is like bisexual! I was worried there for a second.”

“Aren’t you concerned about all this?” Hannah scolded, “This just sucks, and you’re taking it way too well. We need to find a way back to normal.”

“She’s right,” Troy confirmed.

“It may not be so easy,” Amanda interjected, “When it was just us, it was a fluke -- something that we could probably find a fix for. But now there’s four people swapped, and who knows how many others. We just haven’t asked or talked to anyone. But if this is widespread, reversing it could be complicated or worse -- impossible!”

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