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Sunday, June 9, 2024

The Long Road into Town (Part 2)

Part 1 of The Long Road into Town.

It had been several hours now, and Barney had finally made it to a public road. During the day, the occasional truck or car might pass, but at this time of night, there probably wasn’t going to be any traffic. He placed the core down briefly to look both ways down the road just to be sure; it was desolate.

Both he and Joanne had to leave their cell phones outside of the chambers to use the body swapping machine, so they were both burnt up in the fire. If he had a cell phone now, he’d probably be getting enough signal to call for help.

At this point, he felt like his fingers and toes were going to freeze off -- He’d hate to give Joanne back her body without any fingers or toes -- but town was only about another hour away on foot. That was doable. Or at least he told himself he could do it.

He picked back up the core and headed down the road. There was still no sign of Joanne with his body.

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