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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Evan looked at the test in front of him. He knew he knew this material, but he couldn’t seem to answer a single question. And if he didn’t ace this exam, Kelsey wouldn’t give him his body back. Of course, his sister had stolen his body because statistics were his expertise, and she was at risk failing out of college if she couldn’t pass. She told him it should be easy for him, and he thought she was right. However, it seemed that along with Kelsey’s body, he also had her intellectual talents (or lack thereof).

He told himself that even if he failed this one, he could study really hard for the next one to pull off a solid C. Surely, Kelsey couldn’t be so dumb that she was incapable of studying? After all, how was she able to get herself into college in the first place? Over the next few weeks, Evan would learn that his sisetr really was just that dumb.

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