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Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Henry was having trouble processing the events of the day. He sat on the edge of his desk in his study and went over it all in his head. After teaching classes at the university for decades now, he had been thinking of retiring. Heck, he even had a letter ready to submit to the dean later today explaining his intention to leave at the end of the semester. But as he was lecturing in one of his classes, a bright light came across the auditorium. Instantly, he swapped bodies with one of his students. Not only was he affected, but the entire class -- the entire school -- the entire world. Henry was no longer an old man in his 80s; he was a 20 year old woman. Instead of concerning himself with his new gender, he was more worried about what this meant for his planned retirement. It didn’t seem like a viable option now. He had prepared his mind for it, but he began to realize it was something he had felt forced to do; it wasn’t something he wanted to do. With new, youthful energy, he could continue for many more decades. This shift seemed like a least for him.

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  1. Yes well Henry is not alone, many men go through the same thing. It is not is an underlying thread perhaps placed there in their DNA enhanced during their early manhood days and then like an egg in incubation over time it is born. You cannot put this sissy thing back in the box.