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Friday, February 28, 2020

Pink Fog (Part 3)

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Things settled down fairly quickly in the weeks that followed as people adapted to their new bodies. There were a few scattered reports of pink fog appearing in rural areas, but nothing like what had affected the city.

Jason was among those who had adapted to his new body. He knew he was a woman now, but he still wasn’t fully comfortable with that fact. When he bought new clothes for himself, he stuck to jeans and pants, leaving the only dress he owned being the one he had found himself wearing when first swapped into this body. The same with shoes; he bought only sneakers. He did adapt to carrying a purse, as the pockets of women’s pants did seem ill-suited to holding anything; though he tended to forget it just about everywhere. He also had a lot to learn about his new anatomy. He had a scheduled appointment to see a doctor, but was hesitant to actually go in, opting instead to wander just outside and look at some store fronts. Each time he did something that acknowledged his new gender felt like he was also reconciling with the fact he’d never get his own body back. Each step was depressing in a way, and this next step of seeing a doctor was a big one.

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