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Friday, February 14, 2020

Experimented (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Two months later, Alvin thought back on that moment when he nodded. He saw his own eyes with Leah controlling them shoot a fierce anger toward him as the old man untied him. Alvin thought about fighting back, but decided it may not be the best plan in the world to go up against a man that knew how to swap people’s brains. He simply left into the world to continue to blindly go about Leah’s life as best he could. He knew very little about her, her job, or her life; but it still seemed better than to be trapped on that floor with that crazy old man. It certainly took a lot of getting used to, but he eventually managed.

He couldn’t help but think about what happened to Leah and his body. He wondered if the old man kidnapped anyone else and performed more experiments. He kept going to Leah’s job on the 18th floor, and one day his curiosity got the better of him on the way home -- however, when he tried to press the button for the 13th floor, he saw the button wasn’t there. The building manager in the lobby explained that the building didn’t even have a 13th floor due to the builders skipping it out of superstition.

He traveled back to Leah’s house that day and his mind was reeling. Everything about what happened seemed impossible, yet his existence proved it wasn’t.


  1. She was cute with the gag on, but a real beauty out and living her life.