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Friday, February 7, 2020

Spark (Part 1)

It was during the most menial of tasks -- plugging his phone into the wall -- that a spark bolted out of the wall to zap Nate. His eyes bolted open moments later, and he let out a deep gasp. He was happy to be alive after such an odd mishap, and he was going to call an electrician as soon as he could. But he quickly realized he wasn’t in his own apartment anymore. He was in a room filled with all kinds of microchips and cords running everywhere. A few more moments passed before he realized he wasn’t in his own body anymore either. He was now inside the body of a woman he had seen around the building; he didn’t know her name, however. What was she doing in here with all this equipment? Had she been he one responsible for the power surge and this apparent body swap?

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