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Sunday, February 9, 2020

On the Job

The entire office gasped as they saw their boss, Neil Weston collapse onto the floor. Greg rushed over to help, but he was blocked by Mr. Weston’s assistant, Abby.

“I’m -- I mean -- Mr. Weston is fine. I’m just going to take Mr. Weston into his office and let him lie down on the couch.” The words were coming out of Abby’s mouth, but it was actually Neil Weston speaking them.

Neil wasn’t even sure why he suddenly found himself in Abby’s body. And he was concerned for his own body’s safety, which did appear to be pretty lifeless on the floor. He just didn’t want anyone in the office to panic. If outside investors got a whiff of him being in poor health, the vultures would swoop in; everyone might lose their jobs.

As he dragged him body into his office, he was thankful it appeared to be breathing, but Neil also knew he needed to plan his next steps carefully.

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