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Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Evan thought the weirdest thing about swapping bodies with someone would be the actual fact that he could swap bodies with someone. What was, in fact, much, much weirder was that despite swapping bodies with his hot neighbor, Christine, everyone still treated him as his dorky, eighteen year old male self. He borrowed his sister’s clothes to go for a jog, and his family just looked at him strangely.

Evan knew he had the power to swap bodies with people, but he wondered what purpose it served if people didn’t actually perceive of him as swapped. Maybe there was some sort of trick to make it work better. He thought about trying to swap with someone in the park where he was jogging. Of course, the catch was that whoever he swapped with had to agree to swap, and he doubted anyone would willingly switch bodies with what they probably thought was some sort of crossdresser. He laughed. There was something funny about everyone thinking this smoking hot female body was anything but...

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