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Saturday, February 15, 2020


“Come on in, Lana, the water feels great,” Adam taunted his wife from the pool, “You’re the one who wanted to come here on vacation. You told me to enjoy myself; why are YOU so miserable?”

Adam laughed as he splashed about in the pool at the Exchange Island resort. Despite his wife’s insistence, he didn’t want to spend two weeks in someone else’s body. And, in fact, he was quite grumpy when he first swapped with a young Japanese woman. But then he saw who he wife swapped with -- an eighty year old man. Suddenly, Adam realized he got a pretty good deal out of the swap. It wasn’t because he felt like he got a great body, but because his wife got one that was so terrible. She had trouble moving, her body ached, she was tired all the time. Adam was enjoying rubbing the fact that she was miserable in her face. She was, after all, the one that that wanted to come here.

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  1. LOL! I dont now why any0ne, teen through 40 would come to the island