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Monday, February 3, 2020

Too Late

Simon intended for his invention to be a mind reading device. Instead when the tested the device with his friend, Jacqueline, he ended up in her body. His own body seemed lifeless, which caused him to suspect Jacqueline’s subconscious was still within the body they now shared. Within a day or two, Simon noticed he knew certain things he wouldn’t suspect, like how to put on makeup. A few more days passed, and Simon actively picked out a dress to wear and felt happy about it. Pieces of Jacqueline were beginning to come through. He didn’t realize how bad it was until he went shoe shopping for three hours, and he left feeling like he actually enjoyed it. He knew he was going to have to use his device again to extract himself from Jacqueline’s body, but he was beginning to worry their two personalities had already gotten too entwined. He couldn’t remember which aspects of his personality were his own and which were Jacqueline’s. He knew he was going to have to try to fix this before it was too late, though he really wondered if it already was...

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