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Thursday, February 6, 2020


Cynthia was quite shocked when she found herself in someone else’s body. She was even more surprised when her own body approached her, stuck a hand into her pocket, and pulled out a cigarette. She watched in horror as he body slouched down beneath a tree, lit up the cigarette, and began to smoke.

“What are you doing?” She asked trying her best to sound indignant with her new voice.

“What? I’m in the body of some chick! I need a smoke.”

“That’s not just the body of ‘some chick.’ That’s MY body, and you can’t just do that to my lungs!”

“Well, they’re my lungs for the time being,” The man now in Cynthia’s body coughed.

Cynthia began to tear up. She needed this man to stop ruining her body!

1 comment:

  1. The way I see it Cynthia bad been trying to get the guy to stop smoking in her body but as a smoker he needed the nicotine no matter what body he was in and after a couple of cigarettes the guy looked at his new I phone and found out that then internet was calling what happened to the two of them and millions of others "The Great Shift".
    Cynthia now had been in the man's body for a couple of hours and she started to have nicotine fits the guy recognized the signs and told Cynthia that his body needed to smoke and for her suck it up and start to smoke of the body she was in would get sick.
    Cynthia when she was in her birth body could not stand cigarette smoke or even smokers. but in the guys body his lungs needed the smoke. So Cynthia took out her first cigarette and lit it up and as they say that was history in the making. 3 years latter Cynthia is now a smoker going by the name of Rodger and her old body ha accepted that Rodger was a smoker and now her old body is a smoker as well. Both Cynthia and Rodger are now married to each other and Rodger just found out she is pregnant with their first child. Cynthia he has started again to try to stop smoking and have his wife stop smoking for their baby. maybe this will be the event to get both to stop smoking.