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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Twisted (Part 4)

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Escaping from the facility ultimately proved to be difficult. By the time Jeff was able to figure out a clear path forward, the way back now seemed impossible to track. He had hopes of leading the authorities to this place, but that now seemed exceedingly unlikely. Besides, what was he going to tell them? That he was imprisoned and had his brain switched with multiple people against his will? It sounded insane. He’d be locked in a mental institute for sure. Ultimately, he decided to play dumb, go the police and pretend to have amnesia.

It took some time for the police to match Jeff with a missing person, Cynthia Hendrix. While Jeff had been trapped in that prison for some time, Cynthia had only been missing about a week. She lived with her husband in the suburbs. It was an awkward and difficult adjustment for Jeff. He had to deal with being a woman, having a husband he was an absolute stranger to, and friends who knew more about his current life than he did. The amnesia angle seemed to help him out here, but he was still stuck in a life he never would’ve chosen for himself.

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