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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Day

Logically, it made no sense; scientifically, it seemed impossible; but every time Leap Day rolled around, Herbert found himself in someone else’s body. More specifically, he was in the body of a Asian woman named Mi Rae exactly one quarter his own age. Celebrating his own eightieth birthday this year, Mi Rae was now twenty. Over the years, he had gone from resenting the day to looking forward to it. It felt great to be young again -- even if it was for just a day, and even if he had to be a woman for that time. This year, as he found himself becoming Mi Rae once again and feeling her long, smooth, still dark hair, he realized he didn’t ever want to go back to being Herbert once the day was over. He wanted to be young again for good. Could he find a way to stay as Mi Rae?

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