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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Stone Fragment

“So to the right of that tree, you can see the boulder,” Arthur explained, “I chiseled a small fragment of it off, and that’s what you encountered in my lab. If you touch that rock, you should both swap back to your own bodies.”

“Thanks, Arthur,” Mei said, “I certainly haven’t minded a younger body, but it just isn’t fair to Rachel for her to be stuck in my older body. Are you going to take another piece of it for your tests?”

“Absolutely. I just need to stand clear to not get caught up in your swap, then wait for you clear the area in order to not trigger another one.”

“It would be so much easier if Francine just returned the piece she stole from you...along with your body, of course.”

“I still have no idea why she did it, or what her plan is. But finding this stone that has the ability to swap bodies when two people touch it is so groundbreaking and exciting that I can’t dwell too much on the fact that I know have Francine’s body. I’m more upset by how much effort it was to come out here to get another fragment!”


  1. Great caption! I love how she's pointing over there and the other women are smiling like they've just won the lottery. ^^ Who knows what adventures they will have next? The effort involved in chipping off another fragment of the rock will be worth it, very worth it. :D