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Sunday, February 2, 2020


Robert could only imagine how angry his wife was at this point. She’d had been stuck in their dog’s body for a week now. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Robert had asked his wife to test out his mind swapping invention with him, and she reluctantly agreed. The dog had somehow gotten into the room during the swap, got in the way, and mixed everything up. Robert ended up in his wife’s body as planned, but his wife ended up in the dog’s body. Before Robert could even figure out what happened, the dog in his body had run out of the house. A search for his body turned up empty.

Robert had only a few choices. The first was to give his wife her body back. He’d be stuck as the dog. He took this option off the table as if his body showed up again, his wife didn’t know how to use the body swapper, and he’d be unable to with paws.

He could leave her as a dog for good. This seemed needlessly cruel.

His final option was to try to find his wife a new body, but picking one thus far had proven difficult. He felt bad stealing someone else’s life, and even when they found someone that fit, convincing a stranger to come back his house proved difficult. Robert could tell his wife was getting quite impatient...

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