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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Matter Receiving Antenna

“The matter receiving antenna is on the fritz again, John,” Ruth complained to her husband, “You gotta go up on the roof to fix it.”

John groaned. That antenna was how anything they purchased beamed into their house instantly. The thing was old -- dating back to at least 2130. He wanted to get a new one, but his wife Ruth insisted they couldn’t afford it. He called over to his neighbor, Doug, and the two were up on the roof working on the thing.

Both John and Doug knew the antenna probably wouldn’t last more than a year, but they patched it up anyway. Then they called down to Ruth to give it a test. Sparks flew that blew John and Doug to the other side of the roof.

“What the hell happened?” John asked looking down to see a body that was very unfamiliar to him.

“We probably crossed the matter lines with the entertainment signal,” Doug suggested, “It rearranged our matter based on some actress or model in a commercial or something.”

“We’re chicks!”

“Technically, we’re the same chick. No biggie though. It’ll take a few hours, but I just got to go back home and restore my body with my backup DNA file. I suggest you do the same.”

“Backup DNA file?”

“Wait, you don’t have one?”

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