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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Experimented (Part 1)

Alvin had gotten into the elevator on the 24th floor; Leah entered on the 18th. They were alone in there when the doors opened on the 13th floor. No one seemed to be getting in, and Alvin pressed the door close button; however, an odd gas soon pumped in that knocked both of them out cold.

They awoke several hours later to find themselves tied up with duct tape over their mouths. Both could feel something was very different, but it wasn’t until Alvin looked over and saw himself that he realized what it was. He had not only been kidnapped, but his brain had been placed in someone else’s body -- a woman’s body (specifically Leah’s). He instinct was to put his hands up to feel the changes, but they were firmly tied behind him. Leah came to the same realizations only seconds later.

That’s when a strange old man entered. He cackled, pleased that his experiment seemed to be a success so far. After all, Alvin and Leah were his first two test subjects that didn’t die from the brain transfer. He explained that he might consider letting them go if they could promise to keep this whole thing a secret. Alvin reluctantly nodded faintly while Leah seemed to resist.

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