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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Need to Know (Part 3)

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After the bath, Chuck got dressed in some of Lea’s clothes by carefully following her instructions. He wasn’t planning on going anywhere, he just wanted to get used to the habit. It was a little easier than he expected, but he was wondering if he was just getting used to things -- Lea’s body no longer felt as strange as it did earlier either.

Once he was done, he decided to look through Lea’s kitchen knowing exactly what he wanted to do next. There was no beer in her fridge, but there was a bottle of wine chilling. It would be perfect. he began to down the whole thing. Maybe he would get drunk enough to just pass out; maybe he’d wake up and learn this was just some terrible nightmare. It felt all too real at the moment, but as the alcohol made it’s way through his body, he began to have more and more hope that it was all just a dream...

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