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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Big Game

It drove Vince crazy that he had to sit on the sidelines of the big game. He should be playing in that game! But then again, he shouldn't have swapped bodies with his sister last night either. That weird accident with their father's invention in the basement had caused the swap, but their dad wouldn't be able to repair the machine until tomorrow. Until that time, the two agreed to pretend to be each other. Vince was nervous about the big game; he had so much riding on this. A college recruiter would be there--this could get him into college. Though his sister totally messed up the first quarter, she seemed to be able to get into it by the second, and by the third she was playing better than he would've. He also noticed how much she seemed to be enjoying herself and began to get nervous for a whole different set of reasons.

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