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Friday, March 6, 2009

Danger! Warning!

The last time Richard walked through this door, he ignored the sign warning of the dangerous poison inside. He thought he'd get a little sick...maybe! He had never expected the poison to turn him into a woman! After the initial shock wore off, he made his way to his sister's house, who let him borrow some clothes after several hours of convincing her who he really was! He couldn't help but think she may have been teasing him with her clothing selection, but he hoped it wouldn't matter for too long. He plan was to go back through the door in the hopes that if the poison changed him into a woman going through might change into a man. No such luck! In fact, Richard's situation was made even worse. His breasts grew several sizes, his sex drive increased to nymphomaniac proportions, and he probably killed several brain cells in the process, lowering his intelligence and better judgment. Whoops!

1 comment:

  1. With his lower intelligence he might even consider walking through that door another time which will make him become a big titted blond bimbo afterwards.

    Great cap and great pic. Where did you find those awesome images that you're using?