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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Luke vowed to never take a taxi again, not after what he'd been through! He was working late one night at the law firm where he worked at a legal assistant--it was shitty pay and the hours sucked, but at least he had a job in this poor economy--but he never expected what came next. After the driver dropped him off and said, "Have a nice day," he swapped bodies with the cab driver! After reading the driver's diary he realized the cycle would have to continue, and he would have to steal someone's body as well. He was disgusted by the driver's fat, old, gross body, so he tried to swap with every reasonably attractive, young man who entered the taxi. All were short fares, and he figured out that there was some sort of minimum distance required for the swap; he took down notes as such in the diary for the next victim. He picked up a beautiful woman one day. It was a quick ride, so he didn't even think twice about a swap possibility; besides, he had no desire to be a woman. However, due to traffic, the fare added up quickly and on her exit he said, "Have a nice day." This triggered the swap, and Luke cursed his luck. However, he had no desire to go through that again, or even ever take a taxi. He quickly took his money and bought a brand new, red sports car.

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  1. A great choice since he really is lucky that he got such a lovely new body.