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Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning a Lesson

Xavier wished he hadn't his that gypsy's car backing out of that parking spot the other day. She had mumbled something about putting a curse on him, which he quickly brushed off as complete bullshit. Of course, when he went to an outdoor rock concert the next day, he was shocked when he was suddenly transported across the field, and somehow ended up trapped in a woman's body. He ran back to where his body last was, but it was gone. After getting through most of the day, a figure approached from was his old body with an evil smirk on his face, "Learned your lesson yet, son?" "You bitch," he gumbled back. His old body sighed, "Guess not." Xavier demanded more of an explination, who was this girl? The old gypsy now in his body explained she was another woman who had pissed her off, who was now stuck in her old body; it was a punishment for him, a punishment for the woman, but a delight for the gypsy.

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