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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Needy and Possesive

Tyler had just broken up with his girlfriend. She was way too needy and way too possesive. As he turned opened his car door, he felt woozy and all of a sudden he was back inside her house. He freaked out momentarily, thinking she had tricked him back in, drugged him, or something worse. He completely lost it when he noticed he wasn't just in her house but in her BODY! He closed his eyes and counted to ten. 1-2-3-this had to be some sort of dream-4-5-6-still closed, still dreaming-7-8-9-a knock on the door. It was his now ex-girlfriend in his old body crying. She started babbling about how this was a sign, how they were meant to be. Tyler just rolled hi eyes.

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