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Saturday, March 7, 2009


When Clyde's father invented a bodyswitching machine, he and his sister offered to test it out for him. All three were shocked when they found out it actually worked! However, their father figured out that the machine would need at least several hours to recharge. Clyde moaned, he had really wanted to go to the ComicCon in town that day. He sister told him not to worry about it, and he could go in her body; it wouldn't be a big deal. Clyde thanked her so much. He donned his favorite Star Wars shirt and headed out. Of course, he wasn't prepared for the throngs of nerds drooling over his hot sister's body all day and giving him much unwelcome attention. When he finally got home he couldn't wait to swap back, yet his father had really screwed things up while he was away. His sister was in their father's body; his father was in his mother's body, and his mother's was in his body. Worse still was that the machine was broken beyond belief as well.


  1. Now the whole family will have to help eac other to cope with their new bodies. And it seems that Clyde had got the best out of it since I woould have loved to have such a pretty sister to swap with for good.

  2. A lot of the older images are missing! Sorry! This is why I set up the archive sites to the side, to try to get them all up somewhere!