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Monday, March 23, 2009

Girlie Drinks

Peter's buddies had been making fun of him all night at the club for buying "girlie" drinks. They said if he kept it up that by the end of the night he'd turn into a girl. Peter laughed it off and just claimed he hated the taste of beer and stronger drinks. After a few hours, Peter felt an odd pinching in his feet. He looked down to see he was somehow wearing pink heeled shoes! What the fuck? But it didn't stop there. As he continued to look up, he noticed that he now had clean shaven legs. could he even see his legs below his...skirt? His jeans had somehow changed into a denim skirt. As his eyes went further up his own body, he could swear that he now sported breasts under his shirt as well. He was getting way too tipsy; maybe all the booze mixed with his buddies taunts were affecting his brain. However, when he went to the bathroom to take a leak, he reach for his penis and....nothing! He should've never had all those girlie drinks!

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