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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cold War

It was at the height of the Cold War when America captured the top KBG spy. Her name was Ivana, and she was trained well. She refused to talk, of course, but the government didn't need her to talk. Using secret technology, they swapped Ivana with their own top agent, Joel Peters. Joel traveled back to the USSR in Ivana's body to spy on the Russians. However, Ivana in Joel's body caused some trouble back home. Since the swap was only revealed to a few select individuals, she killed all with the knowledge and destroyed all records. When Joel tried to communicate back to the USA, he was met with silence. Ivana in Joel's body had long been arrested, but Joel in Ivana's body was stuck. She may not have won, but she prevented America from gaining any sort of victory as well.


  1. Definatly one of my favories! who is the model? looks like an actor

  2. isn't she the soviet hero character in red alert 3?