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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busted Transporter

Brent had recently invented a tranpoter device, and he was sure it wa going to make him rich. The device had one small flaw: it transported the mind but not the body. When Brent first used the device, he was unaware of this small fact and couldn't have been more surprised by the result. Judging from the high heeled boots and hot pants he now wore, he decided he needed to get out of whereever he was fast. He hit the button to transport back on the device, but it seemed busted. He'd need to get it back to his lab to fix it, but walking out of whereever he was, let alone the street gave Brent pause. Just look at the way this woman's body was dressed! He searched to find something to cover up with, but ultimately couldn't and just dealt with the hoots and the catcall he got all the way home...

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