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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When Benny invented a machine that could allow brainwaves to be transmitted over wires, he was ecstatic. The only thing left was some minor testing. Not being very social, he called up one of his childhood friends, Darcie. Benny and Darcie had drifted apart as he concentrated on his studies while she slowly morphed into a punk/raver. Still, they always seemed to find time to connect, and she was fascinated by the idea of Benny's machine. She darted right over as Benny hooked a mess of wires to both of their heads. Maybe he didn't secure the wires properly or maybe there was a powe surge, but activating the machine caused it to explode before they both passed out. Several hours later, Benny awoke first. He ripped the wires off of his head and stumbled to find his glasses, which had fallen on the floor. As things came into focus, he could tell something was wong. His body was sitting on the other side of th room! The machine must not have transmitted not only their brainwaves but their entire brains!

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