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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'd Kill To Have Her Body

When Harold said he'd kill to have Susie's body, she should've listened to him. A few hours earlier he had cast a spell that required one final step, then he invited Susie over. She had quite enough of what she thought was his lusting over her and was going to go over to tell him never to speak to her again. Instead, she found Harold with a knife in his hand. She was afraid and backed away, but Harold swiftly stabbed himself repeatedly in the chest. Susie called 911, and while her back was turned, Harold took a quick swipe at her hand, knicking her finger. The blood from the two bodies met on the floor, and with its meeting the spell was complete. The room swirled about Susie until she found herself in Harold's body, breathing his last few breaths of life. Meanwhile, Harold was quite enjoying being in Susie's body, wearing her fur coat and tight gold leggings. "Hello? Is anyone there?" an operator on the other side of the 911 call asked. Harold pretended to freak out, explaining that a friend stabbed themselves, and now he thought they might be dead. Harold was advised to try and stop the bleeding or administer CPR. Not wanting to be a suspect for a murder, Harold complied. After an ambulence arrived, Harold mused with the knife in his hand, "I told her I'd kill to have her body...she didn't believe me."

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